Money and Thoughts

Quick post today, more of a brain dump.

I just paid off my credit card bill, I owe 75$ to paypal and 380$ to the IRS.  Not a big deal.  I read a great book by James Altucher called “choose yourself” and am following his daily practice.  The book was a fun read, real and raw and very helpful to me.  Will it be helpful to you, I am willing to bet it would be but it might be a ‘right place, right time’ thing.

Funny how life can be like that.  Read a book when you are 18 years old and although it’s great it doesnt really resonate with a person util that life experience kicks in.  That seems to be what happens to me at least.

I have a tendency to worry about money.  I am good at just getting by and that is not what I want any longer. I want to thrive, I deserve it and I desire it.  It is mine!  I have about 8k in the bank, am working multiple jobs (when I say job its more like “opportunities” as I dont work jobs any more).  I am on the right path.  I have started a business and the business I am working with Todd is going well.  Basically I feel like multiple pistons are firing in this engine.

I am constantly aware of my mood and thoughts and am seeing a pattern of my thoughts around money.  Like I said its this, just get by thing with me.  I make money and we pay our bills and eat, live etc.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  Lame!

ABUNDANCE, I deserve it!  I realize its all in my head.  Gotta pay attention to those constant thoughts and actions I take.  Mediocrity isn’t for me anymore.  It has been a passenger in this guys life for TOO long.

Adios mediocrity.

Things that will happen for me (within 6 months).

1.  No more dealing with bills.  I hate bills, what a waste of TIME.  Ever heard of auto pay you sons of biatches?  Well get ready for it because getting bills (and paying them) is a pain in the asshole.  I am desiring to get rid of all the nonsense that is a time suck in my life

2.  Credit card debt and all debt.  Adios to that shit as well.  I don’t like it (mentally) when I have debt.  So the easiest and best way to free up that mental clutter is to pay things off.  LIke I said I have 75$ to pay pal and 380$ to IRS.  Oh yea, I owe my mom 260$ for cell phone (framily plan yo!).

What else do I no like.

3.  Yard work. I would rather be spending time with my family.  Sometimes I enjoy gardening but I have to be honest with myself, do I really have the time?  Do I want to make the time?  I find it relaxing at times but NOT if its just something else that needs to be done.  This is my life I want to do what I want to do (which means spending time on projects I like (work), hanging with my beautiful wife and daughter.  That is where I want to get to.


I have been doing this MLM thing and am realizing the Isagenix Cost is pretty darn affordable.  Its definitely one thing that is helping keep me on the right track as far as spending goes.

More to come.  I am fired up and things are moving along well.  It’s truly a matter of following the daily practice and getting shit done!

Oh yea, I am going to start going to bed at by 10 pm nightly and getting up at 6 am.  Life is too short and I want that quiet time in the am.



Beach Extravaganza

WOW!  What a weekend we had.

Can I say amazing?  Of course I can because it was an AMAZING weekend.  I love weekends that come together like last weekend did.  We had a beach trip planned with some close friends of ours and it turned out to be top notch.  The only thing I was a bit concerned about was the house we rented just because you never know until you get there.  You know how pictures on the internet can lead you down a path but then when you show up in real life, you are like “wtf!”

Well this did NOT happen thankfully and all I could say when I arrived was Holy Shit!

So we had this Newport Oregon beach trip planned for a few months and I completely spaced it mainly because life gets busy sometimes and I try to take it one day at a time.   My wife reminded me during the middle of the week and I was like “YES!  This will be awesome.”  Why, because it always is.  Even if the house sort of sucks we love the family we go with, our child gets along well with theirs etc.  You know how it goes if you have kids.

If not I have some advice for you –> dont have kids.  I am joking!  HA!

Anyway, long story short, the place was immaculate.  The owners obviously take care of their place, it was fully stocked with beautiful dishes/sheets, basically everything we needed.  We arrived, unpacked our shit and partied for 3 days straight.

Back to the grind today!

Until next time,

What am I happy for?

What am I happy for?

I am happy for SO many things in life.  Let me name a few.  I am happy for my daughter (she is so dang cool and just makes me SMILE deep down), I am happy for my wife.  I am still in love with my wife.  In fact, I am more in love with my wife than I ever have been.   Now that shit is da dog shit yo!

I say “dog shit” in the bestest way though.  Try it –>  Dang man, that is the DOG SHIT yo!  Translation, dang man that is so fcukin awesome I just got a 7′ boner and yes its very girthy.

I am hungry, time to go grab some carbs.  BRB (like u give a shit).  Who is U in that sentence anyway?  Is that my reader base?  Oh yea, that = no one.  Yea I eat carbs on days I work out.   Its a secret, no one knows about it so I am not going to get into it.

I have alot of secrets, actually I dont.

So I want to get back into the thought train (all aboard!) that I was rocking last blog post.  The average base line crap that I feel is my life.  Typing that doesnt make me smile, more like frown.  The things that are above baseline in my life.  My love life, always good.  My relationships with women, always top notch.  I always chose great ladies to be with (albeit not that manY, oh well).  I have been with my wife now for 15 years and I am not even 40.  So yea I am proud of that and I totally love her and she is so dang fanastic in so many ways.  My lil girl is just plain lucky.  Actually I don’t believe in luck, I think my daughter chose us.  Yep its that attraction shit, believe it or not, I dont care.  I have always had amazing friends.  These are the kinds of friends I will have for life and have had for many many moons at this point.  I love friends that even if we dont see each other for awhile (due to life being batshit crazy sometimes) when we do unite its like old times.  Like a glove biatches.

I think being thankful is a big key to succes in life.  Obviously my success starts in my head and I havent been as successful as I have wanted in my life.  Monetarily I would say I have struggled and I am SO tired of it.  OMG.  So tired.  How to change this?   I obviously know what I don’t want, I hav ea lifetime of what I don’t want.  So I liked how I asked that question (it flowed naturally) “how do I change this.”  Cool , I can learn new tricks.  Of course I can.

What am I thankful for business wise in my life right now.  I am thankful for multiple things.  I have an opportunity/idea I am working on with some biz partners and pumped about it.  In fact I have a feeling its going to TAKE OFF.  I am excited about this because I FEEL it for one and its also all my idea.  I have had a tendency in life to rely on others too much i.e. not trust my own intuition.  That is weak shit in my book  Actually I shouldn’t say that but I have been given gifts and I am unique and I have plenty of talent to do some really awesome stuff.

I am also stoked to be involved with a multi level marketing company called Isagenix.  One of my good friends Todd introduced this to me and I am actually pretty pumped about it.  I really dig his blog, I think the copy is pretty damn funny.  If you would have asked me about MLM a few years ago I would have said your crazy as that old lady out in front of the local grocery store holding up the sign “no meth here.”  Seriously though, I went to an event recently in Seattle and A there were tons of good looking people there (how often do u see that in FAT CITY, aka aMerica!) and there were also quite a few people doing very well financially because of the opportunity.  I jumped in both feet on this biatch, I dont care if her panties are a size 24.

So I have a few opportunities rocking right now and I am excited about both of them.  It’s time to break out of the baseline bullshit that was my life prior.

I leave tonight asking the question “how do I achieve this.”  The answer WILL come to me, it always does.  It’s funny how that works, like magic from the ethers.

Its real and it works.  Ask and it is given.

For all you crazy religious nutz out there, you can call it God, you can all it whatever u want.  Its all the same and u dont have to label it or label others that think its something other than God as a person deemed to go to hell.

Dang those gays, all going to hell.  What a shame eh?

I just wanna dance!

Like this guy, dude is amazing.  Its crazy when I get in a mood and feel like dancing.  It doesn’t happen all that often but dang, dancing is fun as hell.  I have been to Sweden and Japan and dun danced my bootie off with friends.  Shit was TITE MEIN!

Daft Punk is also a bad ass band, LONGevity my friends.

So this is my blog.  I havent really blogged before.  I think I started a blog before on financial markets but it ended up where most blogs go.  Going nowhere and being forgotten about.

Maybe I will actually use this one to write down my thoughts.  Maybe it will be good for me.  My mind needs an outlet I bet and why not write it down for all the world to see.  People are weird, show n tell and here I am doing the same.  It’s not like anyone is ever going to read this anyway so I guess its like a blog that is available for the public but I don’t think I will tell many people about it.

Tonight I felt like writing.  I had to go work for a few hours and during that time I either listen to educational audio (I enjoy learning), sticher (also educational or just plain bad ass) or Pandora.  I have been listening to Robyn the past few nights.  I get in these weird moods.

Btw, I saw Robyn once at a cafe in Sweden.  I didn’t know who she was until my friends said something and I had never heard her music either.  I dig some of her music now though.  Right now I am listening to Daft Punk.  My music tastes are varied (jazz, classic, metal, edm.. ).  I seriously dislike Christian music because it just seems so fake to me.

I could talk about God right now (perfect segway) but I don’t feel like it.

Oh yea, my cousin is a drunk and was found drunk in a ditch on Saturday.  Dude is on the path to the big D.  Thats death for you dipshits out there.   I got this message from one of my old buddies–> “Hey brother. Just wanted to let you know Jeff, aka Black Jesus, was arrested today. Redmond PD found him passed out drunk in an alley behind a hotel. He blew a .35 when he came in, so we sent him to the hospital to get checked out. He’ll be booked in on a Lane County Parole Violation and shipped to Eugene as soon as he’s medically sound. Sorry to harsh your vibe, but thought you should know. He’s a train wreck. Peace.”

Fucking bummer, total vibe harsh right?  I mean sort of but not really.  I have seen this guy (used to be a good friend) just RUIN his life because of alcohol.  I should say alcohol is his vice and what is ruining his life is his software in his head.  Its like a computer virus, hard drive is tainted.  I wonder what happened to him, what caused him to just be so average in life (or below average even)??  I could ask that of a majority in the U.S., very average sheep. BAA!

So am I any different?  I sure try to be, and I used the word “try” because that has been the theme in my life.  Trying hard, working hard but have I really given anything 100%, I dont think so.  If I really get real with that question I dont feel like I have.  I have been average in life, actually I will say above average.  My baseline is average to above average and I fucking HATE this.  Yikes, that word hate.. ouch.